Healing Maddie Brees


I studied the Modernists in graduate school and loved them for many reasons, one of which was their focus on memory. It’s not inherent in the word’s lexicography, but I think it was a professor who commented on the word’s English construction: re (again) + member (a part of a whole). So to remember is to assemble again, in a way. To reconstruct.

Which is what it means to remember, if you think about it.

I was especially caught on that in writing this novel. Memory plays a large role for each of the main characters, Maddie Brees and her husband, Frank. They remember shared and unique experiences, and they recall former lovers who, despite their absence, are powerfully present nonetheless.

A story about illness is a story about the body and its members. A story about a marriage is also a story about bodies, about two becoming one flesh. A story about faith might be one of communion, of sacrifice, hope, death. What happens when other bodies are remembered within these contexts?

That’s what this book is about.

To be published September 13, 2016.