Happy Birthday, Emma Grace!

Emma Grace was four yesterday. Hard to believe. It feels like she’s still so new, like I’m still getting to know her. What a delight she is.

We had a full day of celebration, beginning with a gift wrapped and waiting on her bed (her own umbrella) and pink balloons marking her way from her bed to the kitchen, where streamers and balloons and a Hello Kitty Happy Birthday banner welcomed her.

We opened presents straight away (because she’s four), and she was pleased to get new clothes for her dolly, a new spring dress, a new “sweep” (broom), and a doctor’s kit.

We went to the Museum of Life and Science and rode on the train, visited the Butterfly House where we watched a postman butterfly working its way out of its chrysalis, and talked to the farm animals. After an outdoor picnic lunch, we headed over to The Mad Hatter, where each child got the cookie of his/her choice. Then we spent a little while running between the flowering trees on Duke’s lawn across the street.

The birthday dinner was hot dogs, followed by a heart-shaped cake and more presents, this time from Nana.

Emma Grace enjoyed her day thoroughly, we enjoyed Emma Grace thoroughly, and I’m taking a deep breath, gearing up for a birthday party with her friends. Photos coming soon to a blog near you.

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