For a few weeks now, we’ve heard the spring peepers in the woods some nights. I wake to the hilarity of the birds who, a month ago, were silent and perhaps weren’t even here. And now, in the mornings, the sun is spreading its light before I leave the house for my six a.m. walk. … More Spring


It’s 10:30 at night, but you know she’s still awake. You know this because you are the mother, and mothers know these things. And you know that she took a Really Long Nap this afternoon, because she Absolutely Had To, or All Hell would Break Loose. But just in case you weren’t certain that she’s … More Surprise

Seen This Morning

on the end table, next to the sofa in the living room: an apple stem, and thirteen apple seeds. That is all that remains of (one of) the apple(s) that William ate yesterday. The kid loves apples. He asks for them like most kids ask for candy. He eats at least three a day. Granny … More Seen This Morning


My brain is tired tonight, mostly, I think, because I used it so little today. I spent most of the day painting a dresser for Emma Grace’s room, and then organizing all of her toys. Her room looks much better, and we will be a happier family for it, I’m sure. But for now, my … More Impenetrability!


A few weeks ago I got some memory in the mail. It came in a box, of all things, and by some miracle, using skills and knowledge that come naturally to him, my husband installed it in my computer. The computer had been asking for this for a Long Time. First of all, it was … More Memory

Found New Device

I love my iPod. Last night, while William was at a birthday party and Bill was not yet home, during that terrible witching hour when the children are generally bored and wanting dinner and I become Absolutely Fed Up, I put a dvd on for the younger two and I put on my iPod. And … More Found New Device


I just wanted you all to know that I am grateful, as ever, for the comments on my last posting. I would say as much in comments to your comments, but I can’t. To my Great Frustration, my site won’t post my comments. Oh, they’re there. Every time I go into my comments and login … More P.S.A.