Captain Blood

Confession: I have a thing for pirates. Yes, I do. Why? Maybe it’s just the sea, the wild loneliness of it, and the salt. I was raised on salt air and water, and consider fresh water, even vast bodies of fresh water, to be a little…. Wanting. Or maybe it’s the rebelliousness of the pirates, … More Captain Blood

Have You Seen Them?

From the vantage point of my couch, where I spend my afternoons with swollen foot aloft, I have a lovely view of the trees that line my backyard. And today, for the first time in months, I watched leaves– full-fledged leaves, new and pale green, backs coated silver, held by slender stems and miracle, blowing … More Have You Seen Them?

Bill Deasy

Bill Deasy opened the Hope Festival on Saturday, and so has the honor of forever being the First Act. He was also, incidentally, the first real musician I ever knew. His Bailey and Deasy duo were the draw to the student union in college, and the really cool people also heard them play off campus … More Bill Deasy


I’ve been asked about the title of my blog. The question was, if I remember correctly, “Why?” So I thought I’d answer here, today. The blog is named for a favorite poem by Robert Frost, and also my birthdate. I would have called it just plain “Birches,” but someone else has used that name; you … More Birches

Wonderful People

There are some really wonderful people in my life. Really, really wonderful people. Today, for example, Carol came, and she dusted the yellow pollen off the blinds in my living room, cleaned out my vacuum and vacuumed my living room. She also swept my wooden floors. Faten went to Costco, but not before she phoned … More Wonderful People

Things in Bloom

Outside in my front yard, right now, the crabapple tree is white with flowers. Absolutely White. It has been blooming for some days, and even when it looked as though it had no more room for flowers, I still saw buds as yet unopened. Now some of the blossoms are beginning to fade. The green … More Things in Bloom