Have You Seen Them?

From the vantage point of my couch, where I spend my afternoons with swollen foot aloft, I have a lovely view of the trees that line my backyard. And today, for the first time in months, I watched leaves– full-fledged leaves, new and pale green, backs coated silver, held by slender stems and miracle, blowing in the wind.

3 thoughts on “Have You Seen Them?

  1. Ah Beautiful! I have seen them and you know what else I have seen? Wisteria growing wild among patches of pine trees creating splotches of purple all over Durham. The thing I like the most about wisteria is that the scent of the flower fills the air and I always smell it before I see it. It reminds me of lilacs in the north. Which remind me of sun filled spring days of my childhood. But enough about me. I am glad that you have this view from your window and I hope it reminds you of just how great and good God is.


  2. Yes, the wisteria is heaped all over everything this year, isn’t it? So magnificent! I am hoping to get to Duke Gardens tomorrow to see it on the pergola, or whatever that thing is called….You have to come cut some lilacs from my prolific lilac bush. Yes! I have one, even though I live in North Carolina, and it is blooming Big Time.See? You have hydrangeas, and I have lilacs. So we share!And yes, it certainly does remind me of Him and how good He is.


  3. Here is a question for you. Why, when I click on your name in comments does it bring me to your parent’s blog R&S Brewster Adventures in Retirement? (And why are there only two posts there?)


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