I’m Off

Well, it’s been a Bad Blog Week, that’s for certain. I’ve hardly been here at all, to my dismay. I remember distinctly having this very page open for Some Time earlier in the week, but nothing came of it. It’s been a bad e-mail week, too. I just haven’t written to people; my inbox is … More I’m Off

Vlaardinger Boeks

I met with my book club tonight. Actually, I have two book clubs, which is obscene, really, because Who Has The Time? But that’s another posting. Tonight I met with Vlaardinger Boeks (and yes, ladies, I added the extra “a,” because that makes it even more funny), the book club I have been part of … More Vlaardinger Boeks

These are The Days

I was cleaning the downstairs bathroom just now, and discovered as I did so that I had to clean the toothpaste tube. This is not a task that I need to perform in our bathroom, upstairs, because we don’t mess with our toothpaste tube. But the boys do, apparently. It was smeared with blue, sweet-smelling … More These are The Days

Rise and Shine

Last week while I was deprived of access to this blog, I was chafing to write a post about my dear, adorable husband. He is a wonderful man, you know, and also very funny. He is funny when he means to be funny, but he is also sometimes funny when he doesn’t mean to be, … More Rise and Shine

I’m Back

Yes, I have returned. No, I am not talking to you, because I doubt you noticed I was missing. In fact, unless you are among the few friends who knew about my internet deprivation over the last few days, I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about. I am talking to the internet … More I’m Back

I Hope It Comes

I had a writing afternoon yesterday. I didn’t do much writing, though. Just a few corrections here and there. For the most part I was reading through what I’ve written, making notes on each chapter, so that I’ll remember- or have hopes of finding out- what I’ve written so far. I recently finished reading a … More I Hope It Comes

I am So Thankful

I went back to the orthopaedist today. After weeks of wearing my orthopaedic shoe, it was time. I arrived five minutes late, and I think they were punishing me for that, because I waited for an hour and a half to see my doctor. Of course, before I saw the doctor, they x-rayed my foot. … More I am So Thankful