I am So Thankful

I went back to the orthopaedist today. After weeks of wearing my orthopaedic shoe, it was time. I arrived five minutes late, and I think they were punishing me for that, because I waited for an hour and a half to see my doctor.

Of course, before I saw the doctor, they x-rayed my foot. What was surprising– stunning, really– was that the x-ray technician asked me to remove my shoes and then “come over here.” I had to ask her about that. “I haven’t walked on this foot without this shoe in nine weeks,” I said. “Are you sure I should take off my shoes?” The technician checked her instructions and said yes, they wanted weight-bearing, barefoot photos.

Well All Right!! This, not so secretly, was what I was hoping for. So I walked in bare feet across the x-ray room and it felt…. Weird. Really weird. It felt like my left leg was too short, and really really sensitive, because I have lost almost all the callouses and tough skin on the bottom of that foot so that it feels as soft as Emma Grace’s foot. Even Softer.

Then a doctor came in, one I’ve never seen before. He showed me my x-rays from last time and from this and…. The bones are Still Broken. I have to admit to feeling just a wee bit discouraged, but kept my chin up. Then he asked me if I’ve been having any pain. And the truth is that I haven’t, and I couldn’t remember when the last time was that I did have pain. And when he left, I began to imagine that I might in fact be feeling pain, and worried about that a little, because I want to tell the truth, and not try to cheat my way out of the orthopaedic shoe.

And then, after another Long While, my doctor came in. And he didn’t even touch my foot. He just looked at the x-ray pictures and showed me (again) that my foot is still broken, but was pleased at the bone growth around the break. And he said that I don’t have to wear the shoe Anymore!

He told me what kinds of shoes I can wear and what kinds I can’t and said my foot would let me know when I was wearing the Wrong Kind of shoe. Then he said I can start walking again for exercise, but just a little at a time. And then he said he would not need to see me again.

And although I like him immensely, I am not in the Least Bit Sorry if I don’t see him again, because that means that my foot is well, or getting well, and that soon I will be Completely Myself Again.

And also I reminded him that I might see him again, because Bill and I ran into him and his wife last Sunday at Elmo’s. I had wanted, right then and there, to ask him to check my foot, but that seemed Unseemly, and he didn’t have an x-ray machine with him anyway.

I walked out of the office in one flip flop and one bare foot, because I hadn’t brought along the left flip flop, because I hadn’t wanted to get my hopes up. I carried the orthopaedic shoe in my hand, because I don’t want to wear it anymore. Ever.

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