I’m Back

Yes, I have returned. No, I am not talking to you, because I doubt you noticed I was missing. In fact, unless you are among the few friends who knew about my internet deprivation over the last few days, I’m sure you have no idea what I’m talking about.

I am talking to the internet here, the world-wide-web. I’m back, and boy am I glad. On Tuesday evening we lost our cable connection, which, since we have Vonage, meant that we lost both our telephone and our access to the internet. Happily, Vonage redirected all our calls to my cell phone, so we were not completely cut off. But it sure felt like it.

And this is coming from someone who recently decided to turn on her computer only once a day (no, not first thing), in the evening, and to use it only for a Limited Time. And this decision arose out of the realization that I was sitting in front of my computer Several Times A Day, even Many Times, and having to say things like, “Just a minute, sweetheart, while mommy reads one more thing,” and “I’m almost done here,” and “Hang on while I finish this e-mail,” and “Would you just let me finish this?!” and “Can’t you see I’m busy!?!?”

I decided that I didn’t like saying those things. I also decided that what was in my inbox at 8 a.m. would likely still be there twelve or so hours later. I further decided that I am not Nearly As Important as I might imagine myself to be, and that, if I am not checking my e-mail, or the few internet interests I have, Life Will Go On.

And you know what? It did. It would seem that things went swimmingly while I was disconnected from the web, and that I was the only one who noticed. Oh, and Bill. He noticed too.

We didn’t like the feeling of being disconnected from the World At Large. It’s amazing how you notice how you use something when you can’t use it anymore (like, say, a foot). I missed my internet hook-up. “Did so-and-so write to me?” “Hey, can you e-mail me that document so I can write that thingy? Darn, I forgot. I don’t have internet.” “I can’t write back to Everyone because I don’t have e-mail, and they’re going to think I’m just ignoring them, when in fact a witty and entertaining response is languishing in my outbox.” “I should write to so-and-so and ask how the whatever went.” “I’ll log on to Duke’s site and download my scholarship application.” “I’ll e-mail you the article when…. never mind.” Yes, these thoughts and others have been the disappointment of my inner monologue for the past two days. Full days. Long days. It felt like a week.

We were So Glad that the cable guy came today. He had to replace the actual, physical cable that runs from the cable box to our house. That was the problem: it was bad at one end. Who knew? And now it’s fixed, and I can write in my blog, and check my e-mail, and read other blogs, and check the weather without listening to the news.

Once a day.

Oh, this is So Much Better.

3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. oH sURE… yOU jUST wANTED tO aVOID rESPONDING tO mY eMAIL. sNIFF. yOU dON’T LIKE mE! 😦(somehow, that’s not as fun as Capitalizing words for Mfassis – but i wanted to Try anyway)


  2. Hey, you didn’t sign with initials or anything, but I know it’s You, because (if nothing else) of “Mfassis,” which made me laugh, because it’s so YOU.Thanks for writing. I’ll send you e-mail SOON.


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