What you don’t want to do

is your Tae-Bo workout when your foot is still basically broken. Even if it’s just twenty minutes of your Tae-Bo workout, or maybe only fifteen. Even if you’re feeling really, really good, and woke up early by accident, and so Have Time.

Because you haven’t done your Tae-Bo workout in at least eleven weeks, maybe more, because you hadn’t done the workout for Some Time before the accident. And though your broken foot is healing nicely, and you can wear, basically, any shoes you want, your foot is still broken, and it Cramps Your Walking Style.

But you did your Tae-Bo workout anyway, and treated the left foot Gingerly, and thought to yourself when it was over, “Well, wasn’t that nice!”

And you woke up this morning, when the workout was yesterday, and now Every Muscle Hurts, especially your thighs, because yesterday the Tae-Bo workout Focused On Thighs.

If you thought you were walking funny before, Just Look At You Now.

3 thoughts on “What you don’t want to do

  1. I think the funnier picture is of you trying to do Tae-Bo while treating the left foot gingerly.Why? Why would you do that? Perhaps you could stick to the walking and swimming for exercise for a little longer.


  2. Right. Which is why this posting begins with “What you don’t want to do….”I think I will stick to those things, and biking, thank you. None of those things Hurt.


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