I’m Off

Well, it’s been a Bad Blog Week, that’s for certain. I’ve hardly been here at all, to my dismay. I remember distinctly having this very page open for Some Time earlier in the week, but nothing came of it.

It’s been a bad e-mail week, too. I just haven’t written to people; my inbox is getting above 50 (I know, I know. That’s Nothing compared to the inboxes of all of you Really Important People), and I hate it when that happens. But it cannot be helped. Not Now.

Because now I am packing up the last few necessaries before our trip, and then I am going to bed. Yes, tomorrow the children and I are heading north to Long Island, NY, where we will spend about a dozen sun-filled, salt-filled days by Little Peconic Bay, site of all my summers growing up, or at least all the summers I remember.

While I am there I will hunt for hermit crabs with the children, and let the snails squirm in my dripping palm. I will scout the water for jelly fish and horseshoe crabs, and will remember why my favorite colors are always blue and green and blue. I will revel in the gull’s cry and the splash of the wind in the leaves, will taste the salt on my own skin, and will try once more to press into my brain the exact images of land and sea around me, how lovely is the yellow sand coming down to meet the blue line of the water. A dozen days will not be near enough for this.

Perhaps I’ll make a post or two from the local library, which is where my parents always go to read my blog. And this time I am taking tworivers with me, though she’s staying only for a day, and I’ll get to show her the treasure that is my first home.

I am going now. Really and truly. Off I go!

3 thoughts on “I’m Off

  1. I love your blog! So there! I’ve finally read it. I hope you have a perfectly peaceful, God-filled time.And yes, I have finished Memoirs of a Geisha. And I’m glad. I was kind of afraid at the end.


  2. I wish I were the author of one of those 50 email messages, and one that was high on the list of replies. More so, I wish I could discuss good books with you, as I am less critical of symbolism (and English Majors who find it everywhere) than I was in my youth.Lastly, friend, I wish I were one of your children, playing with you on the childhood beach you bring to life on this white blog page with too-big font.


  3. Daun,Welcome! So glad you made it. That wasn’t so bad, was it? 🙂Glad, too, that you finished _Memoirs_. -rKaren,I wish all those things, too. Maybe someday you and Douglas and the children will join us there. That would be so nice.-r


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