Some Questions

Why use highlighter? Why? Why cover the page in garish color, smearing crookedly the lines of text, painting them orange, yellow, purple? Yes, purple. They make purple highlighter. Why, when using highlighter, must we highlight So Much of the text? Why do we highlight Nearly Every Line, so that, in reading, one’s eye is drawn … More Some Questions

Late August Day

The children and I had A Day today. The weather was glorious, for starters, and that always helps. It has been beautiful here lately, temperatures in the mid-eighties and the humidity gone missing. Deep blue skies and those wispy clouds that make the sky seem so much higher. The locusts continue to sing, but the … More Late August Day

At Our House

Everett loves the cat. Loves her. I think he likes her coziness (she is Very soft), and her purring, and her contentment. These things match his own Love of the Lap, and Holding, and affection. This morning, while he anticipated breakfast in the warm sunlight, he admired his cat and commented to me, “I don’t … More At Our House

Star Wars William

William has had his head in a book. He finished reading one of his birthday presents, The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes, and has decided to read it again. And he is also reading Scholastic”s version of The Revenge of the Sith, because it’s the only one of the movies he hasn’t seen yet, because he … More Star Wars William

The Pen

I am tired tonight. Too tired to write anything here, despite the fact that I have a list of postings just waiting to be written. But I have spent the majority of the last two days remodeling the boys’ bedroom, and that task, though only half-finished, has exhausted me. I have tried several postings already. … More The Pen

River Constantine

All week I have suffered a glut of anxiety in the pit of my stomach. It wakes me early, out of peace, already firmly lodged in my conscious mind. It hassles me and impedes my thinking, it destroys my appetite and impairs my mood. I hate it. I know why it is there, mostly. And … More River Constantine


I had forgotten the peach. That was clearly the problem. I had made a note to myself there at the top of my lesson plan: “peach, lime.” We were going to be writing descriptive paragraphs, you see, and I thought I’d just bring some everyday objects to get us going. A peach is a lovely … More Transformation