I Knew That

So I was incorrect. And the sad thing is, I had a sneaking suspicion, even as I wrote it, that I was making an error, and writing the wrong thing. But I went ahead and did it anyway, because it was too late to make a phone call to confirm, and I just thought: Who … More I Knew That


When everything else has gone from my brain– the President’s name, the state capitals, the neighborhoods where I lived, and then my own name and what it was on earth I sought, and then at length the faces of my friends, and finally the faces of my family– when all this has dissolved, what will … More Weather


I’m in the orchestra at our church. We’ve just begun rehearsing again after a Long Hiatus that began at Easter (Easter!). It began, in fact, the day after the day after the deck collapsed (and I’ve realized that my life and those of some others might be forever divided into the time Before and the … More Orchestra

At Our House

The boys were soundly asleep. I had waited too long to venture in to say good-night, and now William lay asleep on his stomach, his arms spread over his head, his face turned to the side. He had fallen asleep while reading The Authoritative Calvin and Hobbes, his favorite birthday present. He has read it … More At Our House

Cruise Life

Friday Looking out over the Atlantic blue, I watch the water’s surface rise and sink, peak and crest in the mildest seascape. With a focused eye I can discern rolls of water that might, were shoreline nearby, become waves; but here they amount to nothing more than hillocks in a watery terrain. Here and there … More Cruise Life

Cruise Life

One evening while exploring the ship, Bill and I ventured out onto the mid-ship deck. It was windy; we followed the sign’s admonishment to “grasp the rail.” We were trying to go as high as we could, but the last stairway we came to was roped off. “Closed,” the sign read, “due to high winds.” … More Cruise Life

Land Legs

We are home. Our ship docked at Pier 90 on Manhattan’s west side yesterday morning, and suddenly our cruise, so anticipated in the last few months, became history, folded into memory along with everything else, so absolutely Over. We had a wonderful time, and I wrote a good deal while we were on the ship … More Land Legs

The Same Stuff

I met with my Other Book Club this morning. I call them my Other Book Club because they are my second book club from a chronological standpoint– ie., the order in my life in which I became involved in them– and because I’ve written about my first book club (Vlaardinger Boeks) here before. It is … More The Same Stuff

Brotherly Love

We were leaving the Museum of Life and Science last Monday, William’s birthday. On the way out, we had to pass the strategically located gift shop. There, standing just outside the entrance, was a display of mugs. The mugs were brightly colored, and each bore a name. The idea, of course, is to find one’s … More Brotherly Love