O hushed October morning mild,Thy leaves have ripened to the fall;To-morrow’s wind, if it be wild,Should waste them all.The crows above the forest call;To-morrow they may come and go.O hushed October morning mild,Begin the hours of this day slow.Make the day seem to us less brief.Hearts not averse to being beguiled,Beguile us in the way … More October


They were on the swing, William and Everett, talking and laughing above the lawnmower’s din, waiting to play with their father who was, as you might imagine, mowing the lawn. From my seat here at the kitchen table I could see the boys’ heads rise momentarily into view and then swing away again. I could … More Milestone

The Last Thing

It has been seven months and two days since the deck collapsed, and we are all, for the most part, returned to normal. My dear mother-in-law Linda rarely complains about troubles with her hip and, to look at her, you’d never know she had to have it replaced. My neighbor K.C. had the staples removed … More The Last Thing


We slept in, which is an Excellent Beginning, and were joined, sometime after eight-thirty, by all three of the children, who climbed into the bed with us. They wished me Happy Birthday separately, they wished me Happy Birthday together, and we were all still in bed when my parents called from South Africa to wish … More Birthday

Try Them!

One of the rich pleasures of parenting– and if you are missing out on this particular pleasure then Shame On You– is getting to read and re-read all those books you love and introduce them to your children. It has been my pleasure to read– several times– Charlotte’s Web to my children. We are making … More Try Them!

Today’s Moments

I was at Perkins Library again today, bugging the heck out of the Wonderful People at the research desk. Those people Really Know Their Stuff. Which delights me. Because I don’t know their stuff. Not at all. And I was at class again this evening. My professor said some Very Comforting Things about our upcoming … More Today’s Moments