Freezy Feet

We don’t bother buying snow boots in North Carolina; why would we? But rain boots keep feet dry, not warm. After an hour or so in the snow, Emma’s feet were C-O-L-D. Granddad had a solution: the Hydro-Therapy Foot Spa. Emma Grace found this remedy both pleasant and effective. In fact, she sat here, feet … More Freezy Feet

Emma Sleeps

These are not ordinary days, these Christmas ones, these holidays. These days we are eating too much, and lazing around, visiting with family and friends we haven’t seen in too long, and staying up too late. We are away from home now, and we are gone home to western Pennsylvania with Bill’s family. The children … More Emma Sleeps

Last Day of Advent

Silent night, holy nightSon of God, love’s pure lightRadiant beams from Thy holy faceWith the dawn of redeeming graceChrist the Savior is bornChrist the Savior is born “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” -John 1:5 Merry Christmas.

A Favorite Picture

Bill has created this excellent sidebar on my computer screen. It contains all kinds of information and possibilities, in addition to a photo display that changes every five seconds or so. The photos come from our archives and often have me guessing as to when a certain photo was taken. This picture is one that … More A Favorite Picture

Bad Dream

I had stopped, or slowed way down anyway, on some random, lonely road somewhere. I think it was dark. And I looked behind me, or I looked in my rearview mirror, and there was a man standing (or walking, was he?) very close at the back of the Jeep. And behind him, another man, not … More Bad Dream

23rd Day of Advent

My dining room table is Piled High with ribbons, Scotch tape, scissors (three pairs), packing tape, gift wrap, and an assortment of pens. The advent wreath is fairly buried somewhere in the middle. My coffee table is cluttered with mail and opened envelopes, a pile of blank envelopes, and a stack of our Christmas letters, … More 23rd Day of Advent

October Update

In October, our family was treated to a free weekend in Ocean Isle, North Carolina. The pretext: I was asked to be the speaker at our church’s Young Adult retreat. Of course I was bowled over by the invitation– and not only because it implied that I might no longer be a young adult myself. … More October Update