Too Many Words

If you are looking for something new from me today (and I don’t imagine, really, that Anyone is), then I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint. I have done a lot of writing lately, a lot of talking, and right now, believe it or not, I am Fresh Out of things to say. But if you’d … More Too Many Words

Morning Walk

In the past, when asked how I was, my answer was pretty frequently “Weary.” Homeschooling three children, taking graduate classes, and doing a variety of Other Things can develop into weariness, I think, which is different from being tired. I have to say that I have not felt weary since the Collapse of 2005, which, … More Morning Walk

Three Generations

Here’s another photo that pops up with frequency on my little sidebar-thingy. I love it for lots of reasons, but mostly because of my mom. Yep, that’s my mom. She is absolutely one of the Most Beautiful Women in the world, and that is really, really true. When people tell me that I look like … More Three Generations

His Shoes

I thought they looked about right as I bent to put on my own shoes yesterday. He had taken them off, as he always does, obedient boy that he is, and left them by the front door. They were easy to try on: two tidy velcro straps pulled snug and voila! you’re done. I’ve never … More His Shoes

On Vanity

I read somewhere a long time ago an interview with Julia Roberts who confessed to being critical of her appearance. Imagine! Yes, she said she had her flaws (really?), but when asked she declined to elaborate. She said that if she mentioned these flaws, they would only become that much more obvious to everyone, and … More On Vanity

The Best Laid Plans

Oh, I had them. I had those plans. Remember my New Year’s Resolutions? Well. I was in good shape this week. I was On The Ball. The calendar had the required appointments, and I was so proud of myself: I was taking responsibility off Bill to (finally) get the van repaired and inspected, and I … More The Best Laid Plans

Frequent Photo

Here’s another one that pops up all the time: Hilton Head, September 2001 I think the computer throws this one up on my screen to taunt me, rubbing my face in time’s passage, as if I’m not painfully aware of it Every Blessed Day. In this photo, my William is Just Five. Maybe five and … More Frequent Photo

At Our House

William’s basketball team is called the Fire-Breathing Horned Eagles. This, because some of the boys wanted to be hornets, some eagles, and some dragons. Their name, you’ll agree, is the perfect compromise, even if it doesn’t conjure a clear image. They go by “Eagles” for short. Standing in front of the gumball machine at the … More At Our House