Masters Thoughts

I am currently (finally?) in the last class of my Masters program at Duke University. That’s right: as of May 1, I will have completed all the coursework and will have (only) my Master’s thesis to complete for my degree. It has been – I am not kidding — an amazing experience. No, the daily-ness … More Masters Thoughts

My Favorite Child

Today I watch Emma Grace through the slats of the window blinds. She is outside in her red turtleneck and new pants, a red bow in her hair, wearing her Nana’s bright pink lipstick and her own red sparkly shoes. She is navigating the possibilities of her new jump-rope, knots tied five inches from the … More My Favorite Child


I am now at an extraordinary time of life. A peculiar time. A sometimes difficult time. A time that I will miss. Because these days, without notice, I am as likely as not to find an acorn rolling around in the empty drum of the dryer. Sometimes I find two acorns, or one without a … More Laundry

So Much Better

At the end of a day like today, I pretty much have to realize that the only thing for it is to go to bed. I might think I want to do a little reading. I might pretend to want to do a little ironing (the pile grows). I might actually want to take a … More So Much Better

At Our House

On Friday– a glorious day with a light wind and temperatures in the seventies– William and Everett finished the raft they’ve been building. They began building it only just this week, and I’ve pretty much stayed out of it, except to tell them that they couldn’t use some waiting window mullions as oars. Yes, rather … More At Our House


Emma Grace turned five on Thursday. She was awake early, before seven, excited about the day. But she had gone to bed early the night before, so there was no chance that she’d sleep in. It was a lovely day. I made muffins for breakfast, and hers had a “5” candled planted in the top. … More Five

On Hope

I needed this song before I ever heard it. I’ve needed this song all my life. You Will Go On When all the rivers have run drythere will be one still flowingAnd all the stars have left the skythere will be one still glowingAnd all the mountains tumbled downthere will still be oneWhen all the … More On Hope

Old Friend

There’s nothing quite like an Old Friend. I have a precious handful. It’s good to have someone who knew you Before, who knew you Then and knows you Now, and maybe has followed the progression. History is a powerful thing. Jon was one of my best friends in college. He was always good for listening, … More Old Friend