What’s Good

What’s good is macaroni and cheese for lunch on a cool, rainy day. Macaroni and cheese from a box, made with Real Butter. And a hot dog. A real Oscar Mayer weiner that makes no promises whatsoever to save me from anything like fat, cholesterol, or calories. There are times when one needs salvation from … More What’s Good

Guest Blogger Bill’s pics – while Rebecca is away

(Click on pictures to see larger view) This was one of those moments when you realize your children have grown up a bit while you weren’t looking… William’s first baseball game. (Actually, it was his second. We missed the first, but that’s a long story – we don’t count that one). Wish Rebecca were here … More Guest Blogger Bill’s pics – while Rebecca is away

Conversation Overheard

So I can’t help– being here– thinking about writing all the time. Which is a nice change for me since, as I think I’ve said before, my mind is generally occupied with something Other. Just now I attended a seminar called “Fooling the Watcher: How to Write when You’re Scared to Write.” And I know … More Conversation Overheard

From Emily

I attended a seminar this morning on the poetry of Emily Dickinson. It is popular these days in academia to champion Dickinson as a heretic, someone who saw through the failures of Puritanism and Calvinism and rejected Christian faith. Well, none of us can know how true that is, any more than any of us … More From Emily

A Writer

“Are you a writer?” The question was appalling. It was invasive. I hated it. I would have rather she’d asked me about my sex life, or my political views. Anything but that. But why should I not expect such a question? We are attending the Festival of Faith and Writing, for crying out loud. All … More A Writer

I’m Off….

I almost bailed this late afternoon. I very nearly did. After working hard on academic stuff for Duke all afternoon, after homeschooling my children all morning, after a quick errand in between to Target, the tasks yet before me were still far from complete. I was rushing to prepare dinner so that we could make … More I’m Off….


When I went to the interview all those many years ago, I was pushing a four-month old baby in her stroller. She was quiet throughout; if I remember correctly, she began to fuss just a very little bit at the end, but it was, after all, time for lunch. They told me then that the … More Reluctance