Angels on the House

They start at eight, announcing their presence with a ladder’s rattle. Soon the electric saw starts up, and its scream promises fresh wood to replace the rot. Wood rots and paint peels; these are facts of life. But here in damp North Carolina, in a house surrounded by trees, mildew’s fingers have a tenacious grip: … More Angels on the House

Someplace Safe

So, one of the blogs I read has asked the bloggers she reads for updates. Ha. I think that’s Very Funny, given that her last post sat there for Almost A Month. (Do you know who you are?) I have a lot I could write about. For example, there’s this: Emma Grace, out of bed … More Someplace Safe


“Then Aslan stopped, and the children looked into the stream. And there, on the golden gravel of the bed of the stream, lay King Caspian, dead, with the water flowing over him like liquid glass. His long white beard swayed in it like waterweed. And all three stood and wept. Even the lion wept: great … More Hope

A Song

My heart is steadfast, O God;I will sing and make music with all my soul. I will praise you, O LORD, among the nations;I will sing of you among the peoples.For great is your love, higher than the heavens;your faithfulness reaches to the skies. -Psalm 108: 1, 3-4

Some Incidents

1. William, 18 months, walked across the room, tripped on his own feet, and landed on a plastic cup. The cup did not move; the cut, which neatly bisected his left eyebrow, required ten stitches. 2. William, 33 months, stood on the toilet and leaned over the sink. His hands slipped; his chin hit the … More Some Incidents


Have you ever had one of those days when, all day, you didn’t really know what day of the week it was? You know, where you thought that it was Wednesday but in fact it was only Monday? Well, all day I have been feeling as if today is Friday. It isn’t. It’s Thursday. “Why?” … More T.G.I.F.


Some of my spare time of late has been spent pruning roses. In April? you say. Yes, in April, and now in May. My roses are running riot all over the fence on which we intended them to climb, the fence Bill put in for me when we finally pulled those red-tip bushes out and … More Injustice

At Our House

Emma Grace came into the bathroom the other morning, fresh out of bed, with her index finger hanging on her lower teeth. Surprised by this uncommon pose, I had to ask: “What is it, Emma Grace?” Her reply: “I have a loose tooth.” We’ve been over this ground before. It’s hard to be the youngest, … More At Our House