On Beauty

“Beautiful people think they need to enhance nature and “spruce themselves up,” presumably as a way of conforming to the pleasing role they play in life or of providing a service for gifts received– which, when taken as a kind of piety, is certainly excusable, whereas there is something sad and foolish about ugly people … More On Beauty

Christmas in June

The Christmas set manufactured by Playmobil includes an angel, a donkey, a cow, two sheep, one shepherd, a manger, a little baby, Mary, Joseph, a camel, and three elaborately equipped Wise Men. When she went downstairs to the storage room with her dad and Uncle Jeff the other day, this is what Emma Grace brought … More Christmas in June

Summer Solstice

It took years to make this happen. The last time we all got together (other than one fairly disastrous Christmas—and then we weren’t all together) was in early September of 2001 (before the 11th), and even then we weren’t all together: one of us was missing, and that’s not Everyone, is it? Even now, frankly, … More Summer Solstice

Holden Beach II

So I didn’t realize this, but in the last entry I only posted photos of the female cousins. How convenient. Here, I’ll post the photos of the boy cousins. This first photo is Brendan, who is 3 and a half. He is a delightful fellow, and he reminded me of some of the many reasons … More Holden Beach II

Holden Beach I

We’re here, enjoying the view of the limitless blue, enjoying each other, and enjoying more junk food than, really, I knew existed. We’re here with Bill’s family: all seven brothers, four wives, assorted children. There are twenty-four of us in all, and one more is on the way. Tonight my cooking team is on duty, … More Holden Beach I

100 Books

As with so many things, this seemed as if it would take forever. It seemed, in fact, sometimes, as if it would never actually happen, even though I told him it would. You will learn to read, I told Everett. Really. In fact, some day it will be so easy for you to read that … More 100 Books


So all day I’ve got the theme music from Gilligan’s Island running through my head. It’s almost as bad as the music from I Dream of Jeanie. Thanks a lot, etc. whatever. So are you singing it? the theme music from I Dream of Jeanie? Gotcha!

Which Is It?

Uncharted? or Unchartered? It’s a debate between Bill and me. I maintain that it’s “uncharted,” and he says “unchartered.” Of course, I want to wield my English degree and superior vocabulary and deeper knowledge of Latin roots in his face to gain the victory, but he is generally unimpressed (and maybe he should be) by … More Which Is It?


We had a brief visit with Bill’s brother Tom on Thursday night. He lives in Fairfax, VA., and we had a few appointments in D.C. So we finally got to see his new place. We arrived late from a concert; he arrived late from a Nationals game. But he graciously gave us a tour of … More Residue