Butter and Eggs

The old butter dish was one my grandmother had picked up for me at a yard sale, I think. It was white, and the cover had flowers on it in brown ink—kind of in an old Corningware pattern. Plain and unattractive. I didn’t like it. It wasn’t hideous or anything. But it certainly didn’t match … More Butter and Eggs

A Recursive and Parenthetical Meditation Not on Being Nice

So I’m sitting on my living room sofa yesterday, just sitting, enjoying the company of my beautiful mother (who, alas, has now gone home) and my dear tworivers (who has also gone home, because she never stays forever), watching the wind turn the leaves to silver outside the window, when my mother says to me:”You … More A Recursive and Parenthetical Meditation Not on Being Nice


I haven’t posted anything here in awhile. And there are several reasons for this, but I’ll give you only the most practical of them: I’ve been without an internet connection for two weeks. Yes, I spent the last two weeks with sand in my shoes– and I am definitely bragging (as opposed to complaining)– enjoying … More Update