I come from a family of sailors. No, not the Navy kind. And not the America’s Cup kind. Just the kind that knows how to sail, and has a smallish boat, and appreciates the power of a good wind and the laughter of a salty splash and the pleasure of Not Running Aground. You can … More Speed

Thank You, George

How is it that words published in 1872 can sound as if they were meant for me? I’ve recently finished reading George MacDonald’s The Princess and the Goblin, the book that all Trinity School students and faculty were to read this summer. I read it aloud to my children, and they enjoyed it. I read … More Thank You, George

Full Term

Every one of my pregnancies seemed to last forever. With each one, in fact, I was certain that this would be a world record: a pregnancy stretching on for years, fluid retention and sleeplessness and a rotundity that ever so slowly continued to increase, and no baby at the end. Indeed, there was to be … More Full Term

My Apologies

So I’ve just deleted that last post. I wrote it last night when my brain was very, very tired, and I reread it just now, and I hate it. So if you didn’t get to read it, I’m glad. If you did, I apologize for it. Meanwhile, the thrust of the post was to tell … More My Apologies

Birthdays Party

It’s hard to have a birthday two days after Christmas. You want to have a party, but it feels like nobody’s at home, and everyone is all gifted out, as it is—even the birthday boy. So it seemed, this year, that it would be a good idea to maybe start a new tradition and celebrate … More Birthdays Party

A Joke

There were two lines for husbands in heaven. One line went on for what looked like miles. The sign above it at heaven’s gate read: “For Hen-Pecked Husbands.” The other line had only one man waiting. The sign above it read: “For Non-Hen-Pecked Husbands.” The latest arrival to heaven absorbed all of this and went … More A Joke


“I wish I had a fast-forward, rewind, and erase button for my life.” This from Everett, seven and a half, sitting at the kitchen table and laboring over his writing exercises. I am standing at the counter, shaping a dinner out of left-over chicken soup, carrot-raisin muffins and, maybe, a spinach and peach salad. I … More Technology


My Skipper used to take us clamming when the tide was low. I wasn’t an eager participant. We stirred the bottom with our clam rakes, prodding and pulling at rock and clam alike: Who knew what lurked in the opaque water that swirled around my thighs? We stored the clams in a bucket that he … More Clams


a girl just needs to get her hair done. And if she can take one of her dearest friends along to get her hair cut, too, then that’s a good evening. And if her hairdresser is someone she’s known since she was eight years old and did her hair sixteen years ago for her wedding … More Sometimes


How much should a test be worth? A final exam? And homework– what about that? Is it splitting hairs to make tests, papers and in-class essays be worth 35% compared to the then 25% given for quizzes? How are they going to perceive this, these students whom I have not yet met, whose names are … More Evaluation