Free Advertising

She listens to music every night as she is falling asleep. We have it tuned to the classical station, and she is pleased with whatever they are playing: chamber music, symphonies, opera. Sometimes she listens to the radio when she is playing alone in her room, but then the station isn’t so consistent. Several months … More Free Advertising


I’ve always been interested in expanding my vocabulary. I think I’ve alluded to this in this space before. The dictionary sucks me in like an adolescent girl and daytime t.v. I go from entry to entry, oblivious to time, discovering new words and their etymologies, chortling over the date (!) that a word came into … More Vocabulary


We made it away this weekend; we are, in fact, Very Recently returned. The children are in bed, I have folded the clothes that, on Friday and Saturday, I pulled from the dryer and left mounded on the playroom sofa due to Lack of Time. Now I need to iron. But more than that, I … More Escape

On Gentleness

I arrive at the main building just in time to see her leaving, her backpack on her back. She is walking next to Mr. Bill, the husband of the woman who directs Emma Grace’s after-school care. He is a lovely man, as is his wife, and every day, at one o’clock, he arrives to take … More On Gentleness

Evening Out

The living room floor needs to be vacuumed. No, really. It does. It isn’t just a Rebecca-thing, a Rebecca-always-has-to-have-her-floor-clean thing. It Needs to be vacuumed: we had nachos yesterday afternoon. It is football season, after all. The laundry situation is Out Of Hand. No, really. It is. We went camping this weekend, you know. And … More Evening Out


to post to this blog more. Here and now, I make it. I have at least three entries Just Waiting in my head. Maybe more. Yes, more. There are, I think, five. And that’s not including one I wrote a few months ago that is currently languishing in my drafts folder, requiring a better ending … More Resolution

Morning Meditation

For the second week running I was late to faculty devotions this morning.  Appalling, really, to enter the room and walk across it to the empty chair, advertising my tardiness to a roomful of people that I, as yet, barely know.  And my only excuse, were they asking for one, would be Extreme Fatigue and an Unbelievable … More Morning Meditation