I left campus at 12:50 and drove to that other campus, Duke, only ten or so minutes away. There is Absolutely No Parking for people like me on a weekday, so I parked in the Gardens lot and then walked through the Gardens to get to the Allen Building, which houses so much that is … More Bookish


Busy. That’s how it is these days. And I’m talking Every Minute. I’m talking I have to remind myself to rest here. I’m talking I don’t have time to write in this blog right now but I’m doing it because, honestly, it helps to keep me sane. Really Stinking Busy. Yes, I’m walking with my … More Hepatica

Now We Are Six

Emma Grace turned six on February 16th. Six. I remember turning six. We were living in Japan at the time, in our little American compound somewhere on the Japan Sea, and because there were so few children in the neighborhood, all the children in the neighborhood were invited, regardless of their age.I remember that my … More Now We Are Six

How To Make My Day

So we’re riding to school this morning, and it’s a race against the clock, really it is, because Bill discovered at the last minute that he had a conference call and so suddenly I was making the lunches on top of the other stuff and because Everett forgot that it was uniform day and so– … More How To Make My Day


It’s been awhile. And tonight, my brain is fully loaded with a lovely little blog entry about my children. But that will have to wait, because now it is time for sleeping, and I Really Love To Sleep. To any/all of you for whom this (added) delay might conceivably be a disappointment, I am sorry. … More Sleep

Far Away

So, yeah. Maybe I am just a wee bit fixated. We’ve been home for a week now, but I’m still missing our Chicago friends.Maybe it’s just that I hadn’t seen Lynne in Over A Year. Maybe it’s just that, until last Friday evening, we had never met Gwen, that lovely and absolutely necessary addition to … More Far Away

What You Need

is a single tea bag. Earl Grey. And a small packet of Genuine Scottish Shortbread Cookies. Just a small packet. Just two cookies. Just Two. And you need a day like this one, and probably a day like yesterday, and maybe even (probably) a day like the one before, to help you know that Today … More What You Need

The Blood

Lately in my class, the students and I have been perusing ancient Greek playwrights and philosophers. You’ve heard of them: Sophocles, Socrates, Plato. Truth is a Big Issue for these guys, and our discussion about that has led to debates about more modern and post-modern ideas. Where, exactly, is Truth? What is it? And can’t … More The Blood


We were in Chicago this weekend, with these wonderful people.Only Friday night to Sunday afternoon, and all of us are feeling that the time was simply Too Short. We made the most of it though. And Chicago’s temperatures, which hovered around 0 all weekend, only encouraged us to stay indoors and talk and talk and … More Weekend