I love presents. I am not good at them. I mean, I am not good at thinking of things that other people will like. And I am not good at buying them on time, or getting them in the mail on time. And sometimes I think of buying something for someone and that’s as far … More Presents

Some Days

you wake up and you Just Know– before you even open your eyes– that you didn’t get enough sleep. you really hate your new haircut. you eat a breakfast that is simply overloaded with sugar, and you don’t usually do that, and then you pay for it. your car has something Really Wrong with it. … More Some Days


I had plans. There was that letter I needed to write– the one that is almost overdue– regarding our upcoming trip to Africa. There were two thank you notes, two bills to pay, a photo to take of Everett’s art project, photos to download. I hoped to send a quick note to my parents and … More Sunday


The windshield was a little misty yesterday morning when we pulled out of the driveway for school. The wipers wouldn’t clear it immediately, so I added some washer fluid and very soon had the view I needed. But just to the left of my line of vision, there where the wipers stopped, it wasn’t just … More Spring

New Words

Everett had five new words yesterday. Five. “Listing.” He was pushing the cart for me on our way out of Wal-Mart. “Mom, the cart keeps going over this way,” he said. “That’s called listing,” I told him, and told him what it meant, and told him how it’s different from when you are, say, listing … More New Words


She calls, even though she knows it’s my children’s bedtime, but Lynne calls anyway, because she’s in her car and on her cell phone and so she finally has a free minute. And even though the children are Really and Imminently Almost In Bed, I take the call anyway, because it’s Lynne. We will talk … More Insecurity


Most days are seamless as water. Weeks, months– these things flow into one another like so many overlapping bays. We have no river mouth, no branching tributary to mark our place. We drift on the current unaware, and then suddenly find ourselves looking for landmarks in a place devoid of any landscape at all: “Did … More Remembering

Hurry, Hurry, Hurry

So here we are– fully in Daylight Savings Time. I was keenly aware of it this evening, when it was suddenly Well Past Time to get the dinner on the table, but was still looking like late afternoon outside. I had forgotten until that moment how, at the beginning, DST always sneaks up on me, … More Hurry, Hurry, Hurry