On Friendship

“For there come, alike in discouragement and exaltation, to all men, however strong of body or brain, moments of craving, in which the soul gropes blindly for another soul; and the most strong, if he owns this need most rarely, feels it most imperious.” -Plutarch, on the friendship between Alexander the Great and Hephaestion

Seating Arrangment

So where do you sit when you’ve removed the piano bench to the other side of the room and turned it on its side so that it functions as a Very Essential Barricade to aid you in your defense in your Nerf gun battle with your brother? You don’t really sit. Not so much. Not … More Seating Arrangment

Stop The Presses!

Believe it or not, O Reader,there is a method to my madness. When it comes to posting in this blog, I Have A Plan. And it involves a kind of variety (the only variety that I, as sole contributor, can make), a balance, a careful consideration of what to post next and what was posted … More Stop The Presses!

Before and After

Here they are: Olivia Mae and Emma Grace a week ago Sunday, playing outside in the rain. It was fairly warm out there, so they donned Emma’s bathing suits and went out to play. Yes, they are each holding one of my measuring cups. I never really was clear on the “why” for that tool, … More Before and After

"that you have but slumbered here while these visions did appear…."

When Emma Grace was born, I waited for the night when I would dream about her. It takes a while, you know, for the new people in your life to show up in your dreams. And when they do, I always feel that they have finally Arrived. They have Presence enough in my everyday to … More "that you have but slumbered here while these visions did appear…."


We all do it, you know: make sense of something unknown by basing it on what we do know. This is how, I think, all learning takes place. But sometimes we make mistakes. My Uncle Ron, raised as he was on Long Island in the 40’s and 50’s, had never seen a one-horse open sleigh. … More Assimilation

It’s Not So Bad

to be sweeping away the dirt on your front walk if while you do so, the air is in constant motionand also the newborn leaves; and if, on these leavesthe sun shines this way on their flat, soft selves; and if the birds just won’t stop singing; and if, mixed in with the dirt and … More It’s Not So Bad

News and Information

I’ve been thinking about news lately. Not “the news,” so much as news: what we regard as news, and why.We receive information All Day. It informs the substance of our thinking. I wake in the morning. I hear Bill breathing. I am informed: Bill is here, Bill is alive. All is well with the world. … More News and Information