Before and After

Here they are: Olivia Mae and Emma Grace a week ago Sunday, playing outside in the rain. It was fairly warm out there, so they donned Emma’s bathing suits and went out to play.

Yes, they are each holding one of my measuring cups. I never really was clear on the “why” for that tool, but it was fine with me.

They played for a long time in the front yard, where this photo was taken. And then, after a while, their voices drifted to the backyard, the swings and playset where, apparently, there was also Mud.

Needless to say, the girls took a bath. And they had a Really Great Time.


3 thoughts on “Before and After

  1. Oh my word! You are do good about posting. Just STOP already. No don’t. I will just try to be better. And thanks for having a daughter so that our daughters could play together. And thanks for letting Olivia play in the mud. It was her favoritest day EVER!!!


  2. Wow! How did they get into the house like that? They appear to be standing on your light carpeting. šŸ™‚ Emma Grace’s hair has really grown since we saw you! Madelyn was just commenting tonight as I dried her hair that EG’s hair was much shorter than hers… but of course hers has grown too!


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