January 1979

So I wasn’t raised in a sports family. We weren’t fans. No. We didn’t play sports, either. We were the reading sort of family, the classical music types, the church-going, crossword-puzzling, public television station sort of family. It suited me Just Fine. In fact, when we moved back to the US from Japan just as … More January 1979

More In The Last Eight Months Than In The Last Four Years

I get to this point in the day, and I Am Done. Done. Shut Down. Wiped Out. Exhausted. Since I became a mother, I’ve been accustomed to a definite Crash just before the children’s bedtimes. I am first aware of fatigue somewhere around 4 p.m.; it thickens around my head while I am preparing dinner; … More More In The Last Eight Months Than In The Last Four Years

The Heart of Business

My husband’s blog, which he started for work six weeks ago (and which is, incidentally, brilliant– or, if not brilliant, then witty, thought-provoking, and clever) is ranked the 466,000th Most Popular Blog On Earth. Out of 71 million blogs. This information comes to us courtesy of Technorati, a company that evaluates these kinds of things, … More The Heart of Business


These are my mother’s parents: Barry and Grace Everett. I spent all my summers with them growing up. We called them Skipper and Gramma. My grandmother taught me manners and grammar and that reading is a wonderful thing.My grandfather taught me how to sail and how to clam and that reading is a wonderful thing. … More Grandparents

Talk, Talk, Talk

I had a conversation with a friend tonight. With Tworivers, to be exact. That might not sound like a big deal to you but, Believe You Me, conversations with friends are Few and Far Between these days, seeing as I’m at work All Day and then busy with children until they go to bed and … More Talk, Talk, Talk

Oh Ho!

So you thought you were going to get another post out of me, did you? Fat Chance. Do you think– do you honestly think– that after I stayed up Too Late to write my pierced ears saga and, in thanks, got Entirely Too Little sleep and Absolutely No Comments, I would write you, O Reader, … More Oh Ho!

Pierced Ears

When I was really little, I really wanted my ears pierced. My mother didn’t have her ears pierced, and my sisters and I found pierced ears no end of fascinating. But we weren’t allowed to have our ears pierced; my father thought it was gross. I don’t remember what the age was when the ban … More Pierced Ears