New Born

I am delighted to interrupt my cleaning-my-classroom-evaluating-curriculum-orderingtext-books-for-next-year-meeting-with-my-professor-and-program-director-at-Duke-doing-laundry-and-doing-laundry-and-doing-laundry-packing-and-packing-and-packing to welcome a new blog to the world. Yes, I am pleased to introduce you to Imparting Grace, Richella’s blog. Not yet a week old, the blog promises to be an outlet for Richella’s rich wisdom, wisdom that my friend Rachel and many other young women enjoy at … More New Born


The curtain of sleep parts ever so slightly and lets in a little light. “Oh,” you think, “It is time to get up!” you think. “One more day and then the three-day weekend.” Then a little more light, just a fraction more, and with it, realization: “No, today is Saturday, and this is the three-day … More Bliss

Coming Along

The proposal is submitted, the desk cleaned out, the posters off the classroom walls, the books packed in boxes. There remain papers to be graded, packing to be completed, and the last (half) day of school to be enjoyed. But we have definitely moved on from where we were last night. Yes, things are coming … More Coming Along

Mann Understood

I have twenty-four essays to grade. I have twenty students for whom I need to total grades and write comments. I have a Good Portion of my Master’s thesis proposal written; I need to finish it and mail it to my professor tomorrow; I need to meet with him and my program director on Tuesday. … More Mann Understood


Shakespeare said that sleep “winds the raveled sleeve of care.” And so it does. Mercy. But before my eyes are even open, when the first conscious thoughts begin to come, that sleeve is looking frayed about the edges. This morning it had unwound a good part of its way before I got out of bed, … More Ferns


Our dear neighbors and friends moved away yesterday. Late last week the moving truck spent a couple of days in front of their house; yesterday afternoon Laura finished the cleaning; last night they drove away with a van full of odds, ends, and a box of cleaning supplies. We’re accustomed to their departure in late … More Departure

Weekend, Part 2

Later in the afternoon, it’s a good idea to work in a visit to Duke Gardens, where we’ve taken our children countless times but where Gwen, until Saturday, had never been. While there, it’s bestto spend time in the Best Climbing Tree in the Worldand the Mommies discover that the highest branches are the best … More Weekend, Part 2

Weekend, Part I

So what do you do when the Dearest and Oldest of Friends come for a visit, and that visit lasts for Only One Day? For starters, you have that lemonade stand you’ve been talking about– the one you’ll hold to raise money for Africa. And at the suggestion of your friend Caleb, you don’t set … More Weekend, Part I

Such Small Hands

i have closed myself as fingers It has been a week of this kind of closing. Hurt me and– should I be surprised?– I am no different from the box turtle in my garden or the mussels in their sandy bed in the bay. I will withdraw; I will shut myself; I will not let … More Such Small Hands