I didn’t hear the doorbell ring, because William was trying to protect my nap. Yes, William, the one who has been sick. He is, Praise Be, much better now– playing and goofing off with his siblings, coughing only very occasionally, fever free, taking his meds. We are very nearly out of the woods, I think.

I, on the other hand, am Decidedly Under the Weather, which is a Real Bummer, but there you are. And it was for this reason especially that I was resting this late afternoon, and that William was protecting my nap. He saw Richella coming, and opened the door to let her in without having her ring the doorbell.

And what did Richella bring? Salad and dressing and an assortment of fresh vegetables that might (if we wished) be put on the salad; croutons; fresh parmesan/romano cheese, already grated– also for the salad. A bottle of merlot and a bottle of Pellegrino sparkling water (ahhh) and organic artisan bread that you heat in your oven for only a few minutes and then enjoy with your dinner. Fresh baked cookies that included chocolate and (I think) butterscotch chips and coconut. And a Stouffer’s lasagna.

She did this because she read my blog– the post about William’s sickness and the outrageously timed arrival of the carpet– and she thought maybe I could use a little help.

I will freely confess that, when I saw her there in my kitchen and knew that she had brought us dinner, I cried. Just a little bit, but I Definitely Cried.

Such Kindness.

Meanwhile, Richella is going out of town tomorrow. You’d think she had plenty to do without bringing us dinner, but she made time for it anyway.

The meal was Delicious.

3 thoughts on “Dinner

  1. That’s the kind of community I miss. Still, I’m thankful for the reminder that I can create that kind of love and care, instead of just waiting for it to come to me. Keep resting!


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