On Leaving

1126 Carroll Lane, Hermitage, PAThe Stevenson-Boland HouseAugust 1983-August 2007 It’s easy to miss the driveway at 1126. Unlike all the other houses in the neighborhood, whose short driveways lead to houses not far from the street, the house at 1126 is invisible from the road. The driveway sits close to a neighboring driveway on one … More On Leaving

Home to Hermitage

We’re just returned from several days in Pennsylvania, where we enjoyed a visit with two of the grandparents, three of the uncles, two of the aunts, and eight of the nine (on the Stevenson-Boland side) cousins. Here are the cousins: Brendan is four and a half,his brother Colin just turned two.We celebrated the twins’ birthday … More Home to Hermitage


While the painting was going on, Someone was making portraits of feet.Can you guess whose are whose?And can you guess the photographer??

Painting Day

Work is underway in the playroom. After the disaster in January, we took our time replacing carpet and making repairs. But now… we’re making it look like we want to… although it’s easy, from time to time, to get distracted….


O Mother, please don’t worry,O my lover, please don’t cry,never pin your hopes to the groundwhen they’re meant for the sky I will tell you that– from the beginning– I was afraid to go to Africa. I can’t say why, exactly. It was the “unknown” thing, I’m sure. The fear was eased, somewhat, because of … More Safe


What is a day? Twenty-four hours of sixty minutes each, and these divided into sixty seconds. You’ll sleep for eight of those hours, if you’re lucky. Today was a beautiful day: cloudless blue, mid-eighties at the highest, virtually humidity-free. We spent it indoors, painting. It had to be done. The disaster happened in January, for … More Day


I’ll admit that my last post was Unusual. But this, O Reader, is because my last post wasn’t so much for you as it was for My Dear Lynne, who is Not Quite Languishing in China. Lynne called me this evening, at 9:30 my time and, coincidentally, 9:30 her time (which would be convenient and … More Explanation


Last Friday I met with my school’s headmaster to talk curriculum. In all honesty, I had done no work on curriculum since the end of the school year, because the day after school ended, I was on a plane to Kenya. I didn’t pack any textbooks. It took Some Doing to bring my mind back … More Intimations

All Gone

Here is a copy of an e-mail I received the other day: “v is for victory the test said NO! that’s right, whether U listen 2Duke or They Might Be Giants, the answer was the sameNO,NO,NO a thousand times no. clean bill of health,thanks for your prayers, your patience and yourrestraint :> “ This came … More All Gone