We had been visiting my parents’ house and were returning home. We had just set out and, oddly, my parents had left before us on some sort of errand. My parents live on a small peninsula that juts into Peconic Bay, the body of water between the two forks at the eastern end of Long … More Dream

Supplied (Nearly)

3 pairs scissors10 assorted Crayola markers, broad line, classic colors24 Crayola crayons, not washable8 Crayola twistable crayons24 Crayola twistable colored pencils50 Crayola colored pencils2 black and white Mead composition notebooks5 one-inch three-ring binders1 one and a half inch binder with five dividers1 package 7-tab binder dividers4 packages 5-tab binder dividers3 packages loose-leaf notebook paper2 packages … More Supplied (Nearly)


There’s no time for it now. School starts on Wednesday. I can feel the waters rising, and soon we’ll be afloat in another school year. Between my course load, being a Mom, and writing (with God’s good help) my Master’s thesis, I will be lucky to finish writing some thank-you notes that are Long Overdue. … More cinekklesia


Bill and I stepped out of the store and walked toward the car. We’d gone about fifteen paces when I realized I was getting wet; I looked down and saw the smallest drop of water on my forearm. “What’s this on my skin?” I wondered out loud. And then, “Oh, it’s raining.” “Funny,” Bill said. … More Rain

The Boy Who Dived

I arrived home from school this afternoon to find William waiting for me at the car door, proud to show me his latest injury: a slit in the skin of his forehead, starting just at the middle of his brow and extending into his hair line. I was horrified. “What happened?” I asked him, and … More The Boy Who Dived


We have a brand new building at Trinity School. It is Brand-Spanking New and really very beautiful, inside and out. And I have My Own Classroom, something I have not had since way back in the early nineties when I was teaching at South Fayette Jr./Sr. High School in the suburbs of Pittsburgh. Yes, I … More New

At Our House

She was helping me at the kitchen sink. I was scrubbing potatoes, and she was washing the sink with the long-handled-soap-dispensing-spongy-scrubbing-thing we have. Then I turned the water on, and then I let out a little scream because, Very Suddenly, my shirt was wet. She had wrapped a rubber band around the handle of the … More At Our House

New Word

I was in the “d’s.” I don’t remember why. And I found a new word. duende \doo-en-day\ n [Spanish dialect] (1964): the power to attract through personal magnetism and charm. What a word! Who knew? How ‘bout that? I love the dictionary.