At Our House

She was helping me at the kitchen sink. I was scrubbing potatoes, and she was washing the sink with the long-handled-soap-dispensing-spongy-scrubbing-thing we have.

Then I turned the water on, and then I let out a little scream because, Very Suddenly, my shirt was wet.

She had wrapped a rubber band around the handle of the water sprayer, which everyone knows redirects the water from the faucet to the–don’t you know– water sprayer.

She had aimed the sprayer at me.

I eventually got over my surprise to ask her who had taught her that trick.

Answer? No one had. She had just figured it out.

Her brothers found this Wildly Funny and even Brilliant. They decided they would pull the trick on their father, whose arrival home was Imminent.

But one trick would not be enough. They managed to rig a trap for him: when he pushed open the front door an (empty) fabric bag would fall on his head. They had to convince me to get him to turn on the water at the kitchen sink.

Meanwhile I continued making dinner, always forgetting that the faucet had been sabotaged and always getting wetter than I ever do when making dinner. I got a shower when I rinsed the strawberries and three separate ones when I rinsed the fish (three fillets). But I didn’t remove the rubber band. I had told the children that I would cooperate in their scheme and would lure their father into a good soaking. I didn’t want to Spoil The Fun.

Bill came in and got hit with the bag. His feigned annoyance and exclamations of alarm delighted his offspring. Then I asked him if he would be so kind as to just quickly rinse out his travel coffee mug. Of course he obliged me, and got Quite Wet for his efforts.

The children were thrilled and so, I think, was Bill, who readily admitted to the children that he had pulled a trick just like this on me, when he took me to his parents house way back on our third (or so) date.

I had remembered that, too.

I guess Emma Grace comes by her mischief honestly. I guess they all do.

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