I went for a walk just before eight a.m. yesterday morning, and when I returned an hour later, my house was still asleep. Aha, I thought to myself, now is the Perfect Time to get some e-mail taken care of. I haven’t taken care of e-mail in awhile. I haven’t, in fact, been on the … More Behind

Empty Nest

It was a good week. Weird. But good. Bill and I arrived home from Pennsylvania last Saturday night Without The Children. Yes, we left them there On Purpose to enjoy a few more days with their Pennsylvania grandparents before being whisked away to Long Island by their New York grandparents for most of this past … More Empty Nest


I love them. If you’ve been reading this blog for Any Time At All, then perhaps you already know that. I keep lists of them, you know. I make lists when I am reading something that uses words well. Sometimes I write them down because I don’t (yet) know what they mean; sometimes I write … More Words

Kenya Revisited

I’m guessing that one of the more unusual things about our trip to Kenya was the documentary film crew that traveled with us. I’ve failed to mention it here, though these photos were originally going to be part of a blog post way back in April…. But I ran out of time. Yes, Fourth Line … More Kenya Revisited

Church Famous

That’s an awful phrase, isn’t it? And yet it’s been said about me. It was last year at Vacation Bible School, and John, the fellow who assisted me in teaching the 5th grade boys said, “Well, of course I know you, Rebecca. You’re church famous.” Ugh. I’d never heard the phrase before, but it’s something … More Church Famous