Just Keep Swimming

I haven’t been here much of late.

I have things to say and photos to post, but alas, I don’t know when. The boys who, now that we’ve started school, may use the computer only on the weekends, use the computer A Lot on the weekends, when I might have time to post a thing or two.

But I may use the computer any time and so, one might think, could use it in the evenings, when I am home from teaching all day and the children are abed.

I do use the computer at this time, O Reader, but not for posting to my blog. No, the evening hours are given to the writing of my Master’s thesis. Yes, I am up to my ears in books and note cards. My mind is all whirling eddies of ideas that I must harness and channel and direct into fruitful meaning. I am coming to know Thomas Mann in ways I had not imagined, and am hard at work to get this knowledge framed and fitted and suitable for my project.

And so, despite the fact that I have Much To Say here, I cannot say it now. I am aswim in the new semester, coming up only rarely for air, looking for a footing in the world of Thomas Mann and the world of the Genesis Joseph. I am teaching double the load I taught last year, which means, logically, that I have half the prep time. I am mommy to my three, and also soccer mom to Will, who made the middle school team. I am housewife and laundress and a passable cook, and somewhere in the midst of it all I am also planning– yes– to churn out a pretty good thesis.

Did I mention that Will had his first soccer game on Friday after school? And that we (later) also entertained over ten boys at our local pool in (late) celebration of his eleventh birthday?

It doesn’t stop, this busy life of mine, for theses or birthdays or, it would seem, much else….

Yes, I am swimming, and swimming hard. But I keep my eye on the shoreline, looking for Moses, waiting for him to part the water, looking forward to crossing this sea on dry ground.

One thought on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. I love that last line -looking for Moses, waiting for him to part the water, looking forward to crossing this sea on dry ground. I will pray that God will not harden Pharaoh’s heart and that Moses and dry ground will arrive quickly!


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