All the Miles

All the miles between us, they say that’s just the way it goesTime is no friend to lovers, stretched like the line that hangs the clothesBut we walk the distance another dayThe rope is thin but does not give wayI can hear the band of angels singin’ nowlike a story from the page is read … More All the Miles

Mann on God

“But is there a more religious practice than the study of the psychology of God? To anticipate the policies of the Most High with earthly policies is indispensable if one wishes to get through life.” Joseph and His Brothers, p. 1252 Can you see him winking at you? Mann, I mean. I can.

Food for Thought

“But words are strong, words are not spoken with impunity, they leave traces in the heart, even if spoken without feeling they speak to the feelings of him who speaks them, though you may lie with them, their magic shapes you according to their meaning, so that what you have said is no longer entirely … More Food for Thought


Emma Grace lost a tooth today– Another Tooth. She was excited, of course, and I was excited with her. She pulled it out herself on our way home from school. Still, it’s hard to feel like it’s a big deal, as this is number 7. Meanwhile, I’m pretty sure that Will has lost his last … More Milestone


“The deeds and decisions of our lives are determined by proclivities, sympathies, fundamental attitudes, and critical experiences of the soul, which color our existence, tingeing all our actions and providing a far more genuine explanation for them than any of the rational reasons we put forward not only for other’s actions, but for our own … More Why?


At the back of my copy of Thomas Mann’s Joseph and His Brothers, I have a list that I made while reading through the book for the first time. It is a list of words and their page numbers, words I do not know, or am only vaguely aware of but could not, if asked … More One


“We are bitterest about accusations that are indeed false, yet not entirely so.” -Thomas Mann, Joseph and His Brothers

No Time

I’m only stopping in briefly to point out to myself and you, O Reader, that I have not posted anything here in Ten Days. 10. That’s a long time for me. But the truth of it is that I haven’t time to post anything. I don’t. I don’t even have time to post this here, … More No Time