Dress for Success

So we’re not clothes people, Bill and I. I will admit to wanting to be: I admire a well-dressed person– man or woman. I do, in fact, love clothes. But apparently I do not love them enough. Because my wardrobe, like Bill’s, seems to be perpetually Behind in the style department, always a little Lackluster. We have what we need, and we don’t afford anything more.

Not complaining. Not bragging. Just Saying.

Last night we attended a little holiday gathering with some of Bill’s colleagues. Bill wore one of his sports coats– a very nice, navy blue number. He looked fine. I wore what I had worn to school yesterday– mostly because I couldn’t think of anything else.

We had a nice time. We ate well. We laughed. We came home. And then Bill commented to me, “You know how they say that you should dress for the job you want not the job you have?”

I said that yes, I did know that saying. I wondered, too, if it meant that we were going to be doing some shopping. And then he said,

“Because it would be really awkward to suddenly start dressing as a pirate. It would be better if I had been dressing as a sailor for awhile, and then gradually moved toward the pirate– you know, adding an earring one day, and then a cutlass, and building slowly to the eye-patch. You can’t just show up at work one day in an eye-patch without giving your colleagues fair warning.”

And I laughed. And I thought he was right: he couldn’t just suddenly show up in boots and a puffy shirt. One has to be careful about these things. One must plan deliberately. People in corporate America– even at Lenovo– might find that pirates make them nervous.

5 thoughts on “Dress for Success

  1. I always say…just wear black. it alays goes well for any occasion and can speak to pirate, designer, fashion analyst, songwriter…teacher…it lends an air of mystery , causes others to stop and think, “don’t i know hi/her from somewhere? Have I seen him/her on television?” etc and such as that. It is good to give the general populous as well as our colleagues reason to pause I think. It works gernally as well as a cutlass.RD


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