A Grand Day Out

It’s been Quite A Semester. Really. Truly. And I won’t go into it now, because I’ve gone into it so many other times before. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll leave it to you to read Other Posts. If you do know what I’m talking about then, well, thanks for hanging around.

Things are Better Now. Nothing like a week or two of holidays at home with one’s mother visiting to make All The Difference. And on the day after Christmas and the day before Everett’s birthday, she sent Bill and me Out.

Out. Out of the house. Away from the home. Free to do whatsoever we pleased without her or the children. It was Lovely.

We went out for brunch. We went shopping for Everett. We went to a movie. We went out for drinks. We went out to dinner. We went shopping for me (!). We went to the bookstore. Twice. In the end, we were gone for nine hours altogether, nine hours free of interruption by our darlings, nine hours to talk about anything and nothing at all. We laughed and browsed amongst the books together and lost each other (briefly) in Dick’s Sporting Goods. We were amazed at how quickly the time went by, but weren’t sorry to come home, as home felt somehow more like home after our nine hours away together.

It was So Good.

I love that movie Hook; do you know it? Robin Williams plays a Peter Pan who, two generations after Wendy and boys’ visit, fell in love and became a grown-up and moved away from Neverland to the U.S. where he found a job that made him lots of money but required a kind of permanent attachment to his cell phone. Anyway, he (Peter) ends up back in Neverland but isn’t looking or seeming at all like the the magical Pan he used to be. I don’t remember all the details, but after some benignly violent and Neverlandish misadventure, he is no longer the tidy Suit he was upon arrival. And it’s then that one of the Lost Boys takes Peter’s face in his hands and says to him: “There you are!”

I love that line.

And there was something of that element last Wednesday when Bill and I, after months of working hard side by side, doing what we needed to do to keep the family sustained while I worked full-time and wrote my Master’s thesis, Finally Had Some Serious Time Alone Together.

He was with me all the time, of course (except for those infamous business trips)– all through those months of exhausting effort– but there wasn’t all that much time to notice him. But I finally found him again on Wednesday.

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