No Rain

We need rain. The city of Durham– no, the entire state of North Carolina– is experiencing the worst drought in our history. As of yesterday, we have something like 52 days of water left. That’s not a very happy thought. If it doesn’t rain (and in this land of perpetual sunshine and blue skies, that’s … More No Rain

Soon Enough

“Mom, am I too old for _______________?” This from Will, who is an appalling eleven years old. We are headed out to school, but he has recently been looking at a toy catalogue and circling items. He has toys like these already, and lately he and Everett have been playing with them together. They have, … More Soon Enough


I was standing at the kitchen counter, doing dishes, I think. Emma Grace was coloring at the kitchen table. Suddenly she got up from where she was working and crossed the room to the drawer where we keep the scissors. I did not turn to watch her; there was no need. She is six and … More Inevitable

The Big Push

It’s over now– or almost, anyway. One more event– an exit interview with my professor and the program director– and, possibly, edits after that, and then I’ll have done everything I can do to earn my Master’s degree. It’s been a long time coming. Emma Grace asked me on our way to school the other … More The Big Push