Will (that’s what we’re calling him these days; have you noticed?) has joined Trinity‘s sixth grade basketball team. He’s having a great time: practice two days (or more) a week, a game here and there. It’s great fun. He had to get a dress-shirt for game days, so Bill took him shopping at Sears. They … More In-Between


In January in this part of North Carolina, the morning temperature might be 18 degrees. It might also be 40, or higher still. You never know. In January the sun stays fairly low all day, never rising above the tops of the trees that hem our backyard. Its light is pale and earnest, falling into … More January

What I Have To Do

An excerpt from Machiavelli’s The Prince. I must re-read and prepare analysis questions for my students for tomorrow’s class. Analysis questions for Act III, iii and Act IV (entire). Also for tomorrow, 9:15. Renaissance history: review readings and determine most salient information for the students’ intellectual digestion. Tomorrow, 9:15. Review significant developments of Renaissance music; … More What I Have To Do


So I’ve been listening to my friend Bill Deasy‘s music lately. Something about that Pittsburgh post I wrote a few days ago has me thinking of my hometown, I guess, and Bill’s voice and music and words always evoke that place for me. So much to think about. Anyway, here’s a lyric I love, from … More Lyric


If I go to bed Immediately and fall asleep Right Away, I will get seven hours of sleep. Seven. Not eight. But seven is better than six, and certainly better than five, which is what I’ve gotten for the last two nights. I’m going for it. I told you my muse has gone missing….


The pictures are getting old. Don’t you think, O Reader, O Disappointed Visitor of this blog, that the pictures are getting old? And yet. And yet I have Nothing For You. Nothing. It’s not like I’ve tried. I’ve hardly been on the internet in days and days and days. Tonight, for the first time in … More Museless