She was one of my little sister’s interesting friends. That was the only kind of friend my little sister had: interesting ones. One of them was an aspiring actress. She was also a dancer and possessed a control of her bodily movements that I found Intimidating. Once, while we were talking (about what?) at the … More Regret


So I am unbelievably sick right now. My eyes are burning and my throat is starting to feel All Closed Up and I really should be over this by now but I guess I’m not. I’ve just finished writing up lesson plans and instructions for the (really wonderful) fellow who is subbing for me tomorrow. … More Whatever

Respiratory Flu

The digital thermometer has taken up residence on the kitchen windowsill. On the counter, just to the left of it, stand two bags of cough drops, two bottles of Junior Motrin, and two packages of chewable Children’s Tylenol. Also present is a long-neglected and, until recently, barely used bottle of Robitussin. I had to reach … More Respiratory Flu