The Natural

We have a friend named Nate who makes films. You can visit his film site by clicking on his company name, “Fourth Line Films” on the right. Or you can visit his blog here. Both links would be Very Much Worth your time.

We got to know Nate last spring when he and a film crew descended on our home for a Saturday. They were doing preliminary filming for a documentary film they were making on cross-cultural trips: they filmed our journey to Kenya as part of a two-part project, the second part being, of course, a team of Kenyans coming to America. You can see a trailer of that film here.

But the reason I’m writing about Nate now is on another errand entirely. Because in addition to being a great filmmaker, Nate is also a really fun guy. In illustration, I offer you the bet he had with William and Everett. Nate is a Wisconsin guy, and when Duke played Wisconsin, the boys called him and proposed a wager: if Duke beat Wisconsin, then Nate had a make a film about the boys; if Wisconsin beat Duke, then the boys had to wash his car.

The potentials of the outcome were decidedly against us, I thought. After all, Nate lives In Wisconsin. There were (possibly) two plane tickets in our future. Moreover, it’s the middle of the winter In Wisconsin. Washing a car up there at this time of year would be, at the very least, a messy ordeal.

For Nate, on the other hand, the wager simply meant some editing of footage he already had on hand. And while I’ll readily admit that I don’t know much about filmaking and editing, I’m sure it’s a Very Simple Process.


Anyway, the good news is that Duke won. And the better news is that Nate kept his end of the bargain (which is better than we might have been able to say had the reverse been the case). And the best news is that you can see this short film now, by clicking here. Be sure to watch it full-screen. Be sure to remember Robert Redford’s film of the same title. And be sure to discover some clear insight into the various natures of the members of the Stevenson family.

Enjoy! And thanks, Nate.

4 thoughts on “The Natural

  1. This is wonderful – lovely. I also was struck by Emma Grace’s careful placement of the sand in her sparkley shoe.And to think that this lovely video was all due to Duke winning a basketball game. I am very glad indeed that Duke won that particular game. Yes, I am.


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