So we’re watching the Pens game tonight. The Pittsburgh Penguins that is. And Bill is watching the game. Not me. Not so much. They’re in the playoffs, and they’re playing the New York Rangers, so we’re hearing a familiar name drift in and out of the play-by-play. A name that used to be a Pittsburgh … More Perfect


Today we had rain. I bought umbrellas for Bill and me way back in January, when the drought we had been suffering all fall and winter appeared to be abating. It had been so long since we’d needed an umbrella, I didn’t remember ever seeing one in house or car, and when the January display … More Rain

Make Lemonade

My children had a half-day of school today. I did not, which was fine, and important, and good. But it occurred to me more than once– I will admit it here– that I would have liked to be a “normal mother” today: to drive over to the school after their half-day and pick them up … More Make Lemonade