Barefoot Summer

I walked late into my Sunday school class last weekend, in time to find a roomful of over fifty people sharing, one by one, a highlight of their summer. As I sat listening to the brief and happy stories of various vacations, I mentally panned through the days that filled my last three months. So … More Barefoot Summer

Wisdom and Intuition

It was her first sleep-over invitation, forcing us to confront the line we had drawn some time ago: Absolutely No Sleep-overs Until You Are Eight Years Old. By all accounting, she is seven. Okay, seven and a half, but Still. She is Not Eight. Yes, the invitation came. A birthday party sleep-over with a very … More Wisdom and Intuition

New Post

But not here. Over on the Mommy Trenches site that I sometimes (is this the first time?) write for. If you are looking for a new read from me, head over that way. And take some time (please do) to read some writing from some wonderful mothers/writers. As for this blog, well, I have things … More New Post

Not Anymore

So my understanding of the history of tomatoes is Decidedly Limited, but I do know that people used to think tomatoes were bad for you. Worse, I think they believed that tomatoes were downright poisonous. Weird. We joined a CSA (community supported agriculture) program this year, and have been happy recipients, every Thursday, of a … More Not Anymore

Kenya Revisited

I have finally finished my thank-you letters for our trip to Kenya. I know, I know. That trip was a year ago now. More. We returned from Kenya on June 16, 2007 and today, by all accounting, is August 13, 2008. High time I mailed those letters, don’t you think? As I said, they are … More Kenya Revisited


How difficult could it be? Honestly. I bought curtains and rod both at Target. People of widely diverse IQs shop there. Certainly I have the brains for this project. And while yes, the rod installation required the use of a drill, I was undeterred. I have used a drill before. Countless Times. Heavens. Still, it … More Rescue

Coming Home

I don’t do it well. If you’ve read this blog for any time at all, then you know this about me. Travel and the ensuing return– transitions of any kind, really– throw me for the proverbial loop. What does it mean to be gone from Here? What does it mean to be Someplace Else? And … More Coming Home