At Our House

Emma Grace received her first American Girls catalog today. We looked through it together (after she looked through it while she was waiting for me to look through it with her), and then we looked through it again, this time with a Sharpie marker wielded perilously by her hand, circling the (many) items she might … More At Our House

New Shoes

He needed new shoes. We got the ones for P.E. (that’s “physical education,” don’t you know) on the evening of the first day of school, the ones that he can’t wear anywhere other than the new gymnasium because we are all taking care of the gymnasium floor. And don’t read any resentment from me in … More New Shoes


Exhibit 7,182: “I brang it in the car with me, and I brang it to the store.” “I ‘brought’ it, Emma.” “I like my sentences the way they are. And I don’t need any corrections.”


mephitic adj of, relating to, or resembling mephitis; foul-smelling Right. Do Not Define a word employing a word I do not know. That is Not Helpful, Merriam Webster. Unless, of course, the word I do not know can be Easily Found (don’t you know how easy it is for me to get lost –and for … More Mephitic

The Sea

I’ve just finished reading this book, The Sea, by John Banville. I didn’t read it for a class, or a book club. I read it for myself, a rare achievement for me these days. I’d never heard of it before. But when my friend Jennie-Rebecca was visiting last spring, and she and her husband and … More The Sea

Matthew 14:22

My students and I spent a portion of our class today examining a well-known story from Matthew’s gospel. I’m sure you know it: Jesus has spent the day with crowds and crowds of people, and at the end of it all, he needs to get away. He asks his disciples to take their small boat … More Matthew 14:22


“To a Pig” I’ve watched you now a full 50 secondsNibbling on that piece of cornSnout like a boat in your grub.Then what joy awaits you when you see a soggydonut on a pancake. This farm is mine, my father’s pigs,My uncle’s silos, my mother’s barns.Come often to me, fear no pork,here lodge as in … More Poem

September 11, 1938

Today is my father’s birthday. I would post some pictures, but the computer on which we store them isn’t quite cooperating with us these days. I would write some tales– and rest assured, I have many– but my state of mind isn’t ready to unfold something worthy of the auspiciousness of this occasion. Alas, these … More September 11, 1938