I’ve been reflecting just a wee bit lately on Christmas letters. Yes, it’s coming on that time again, and once again– as I do every year– I have hopes of sending mine out early. We’ll see about that. Last year’s Christmas letter was a reflection on what is “ideal.” Our culture creates it for us … More Nonetheless


Here we are! I made it work! Yes, here I am with My Dear Lynne, back in early July at Duke Gardens. She sent the photo to me yesterday and with it a little text, reminding me of the Day We Were Having: “It was the fateful day of the heat, and trees that cannot … More Ta-Da!

Alternative Method

Everett just reminded me of what I once told him was the paper-grading method my crazy writing professor in college said he had: You throw all the papers down the stairs.The papers that reach the bottom get an “A.” I’m not sure that’s great pedagogy, but sometimes it sounds good….


Some days you are an excellent teacher– on fire, really. Your lesson plans are amazing, your students are attentive. Your technological components work as if you designed them yourself. Your students have insightful comments and questions. No one complains about their grades. No one complains about their homework. Everyone is focused. Everyone is listening. You … More Educator

Mrs. Dalloway

Purchased yesterday afternoon with a Barnes and Noble gift card from a student received Idon’trememberwhen. I haven’t time to read it of course and of course I’ve read it before. But I opened it last night before closing my eyes and treated myself to just a few pages (just a few), waiting to hear Big … More Mrs. Dalloway

An Explanation

So Beth asked me for an explanation regarding the change, once again, in the name of this blog. I guess I had hoped not to provide one– mostly because I’m sort of embarrassed about changing it yet again– and I guess I don’t have to. I am the boss, anyway, if only of this blog. … More An Explanation


It was fine, of course, all fine. Bells ringing and students moving in and out of my classroom. The days pass this way and sometimes at the end of the week I can’t remember what we did two days ago. They are marvels, these students of mine: people in progress, suffering a pace of growth … More Monday

The End of an Era

She’s doing it: she’s shutting it down. That’s right, folks. In addition to the changes you may notice on this page, I will shortly be adding (or, shall I say, subtracting?) another. Beth is shutting down her blog. She’s flirted with it for awhile. We entertained it together, in fact, she and I, as our … More The End of an Era