The End of an Era

She’s doing it: she’s shutting it down.

That’s right, folks. In addition to the changes you may notice on this page, I will shortly be adding (or, shall I say, subtracting?) another. Beth is shutting down her blog.

She’s flirted with it for awhile. We entertained it together, in fact, she and I, as our blogs languished over the summer months. But where mine seems to have revived (or, at the very least, is hanging on), she’s making this ending official. It’s the end of OJ.

This is sad for me for several reasons, not the least of which is that Beth is the reason I have a blog in the first place. She gave it a go long before I was ready to, and then was able to answer my questions about it, and encourage me, and help me find out that it really wasn’t all that difficult. She demonstrated that a blog can be a great way to keep geographically distant family and friends not quite so distant, and that a blog is great way to keep track of all the wonderful and not so wonderful things one’s children might be up to. And she helped me feel not so afraid or paranoid that having my children’s photos occasionally on the world-wide-web would not necessarily lead to stalkers in our neighborhood.

But the end of “OJ” is more sad because now we are going to miss out on posts like this one and others that I am, apparently and suddenly, unable to access. Is it so nearly over already that I am unable to access previous posts, Beth?

Of course it is far, far more sad for you, O Reader, as Beth is not one of your best friends. I mean, I assume that this is generally the case for my readership. Most of you do not know her as I do, do not love her children very nearly as much as you love your own, do not see her sometimes (and is it okay?) as an extension of yourself and so are absolutely free to tell her and hear from her Absolutely Anything that needs telling or hearing. I will still get the updates on the children. I will have those children in my home. I will hear the musings of Beth’s mind.

You will not.

So go, would you, while you can, and get a last peek at this blog. Enjoy the photos (they are wonderful), enjoy the prose. And hope with me that the internet will get another shot at Beth’s wit, that she’ll find another venue in which her wry and benevolent soul can give us a glimpse of the Inside.

When and if she does, you’ll be the first to know.

One thought on “The End of an Era

  1. My word, The End of an Era. Your words are too kind for my blurb of a blog but if my experience of having a blog brought you into the blogsphere then it accomplished great things. and i will remind you of this when you are on oprah (man i need to come up with something besides oprah since she is the anti christ but am at a loss currently…)for the book and then everyone starts reading the blog… oh that? the blog? that was beth’s doing.


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