Some days you are an excellent teacher– on fire, really. Your lesson plans are amazing, your students are attentive. Your technological components work as if you designed them yourself. Your students have insightful comments and questions. No one complains about their grades. No one complains about their homework. Everyone is focused. Everyone is listening. You know you are doing a Wonderful Job.

And some days you are Just A Teacher.

3 thoughts on “Educator

  1. I can’t imagine that there are any days where you are just a teacher. Or at least that anyone but you would interpret that day as you being just a teacher.


  2. Amen to Beth and Lynne. This comes after I Daniela just called to say she’s been assigned to hang out in the gym all day for the second day in a row. Apparently, they don’t want her taking a practice benchmark or doing anything productive with her time. I’ll take Just a Teacher over Just a Babysitter any day. Off to pick her up.


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