Here we are! I made it work!

Yes, here I am with My Dear Lynne, back in early July at Duke Gardens. She sent the photo to me yesterday and with it a little text, reminding me of the Day We Were Having: “It was the fateful day of the heat, and trees that cannot be climbed, and waiting for tacos, and complaining!”

But I don’t think we were complaining, not she and I. We were together, after all– a brief thing, a rare thing, a very very Good Thing.

Don’t you think it’s funny (I do) that we are sitting Almost Very Nearly Exactly the same way? Even with our heads tilted. And our sunglasses.

We didn’t plan that. Honest.

2 thoughts on “Ta-Da!

  1. No, we were certainly not the ones complaining. We were very happy to be together, whatever the day held. It was those other ones who were complaining, and you very firmly stopped them in their tracks.


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