What We Have Not Got

I have a big day ahead of me. A Big Day. I have about twelve papers left to grade, then a few residual make-up work things to grade, and then I proceed to write comments for report cards.

I don’t mind any of this. I really don’t. I am eager to teach my students to write well, and the only way they can learn is to do the writing and get the feedback. They’ve done their writing, and now it’s my turn. So I spend a good long time with each paper, and I correct the syntax, and I think about their words, their lines of logic, their depth of insight, their effort. It’s an important process, and a good one. But I will say, for the record, that Not One of my students is an Annie Dillard. Not One.

Yes, it’s a long day ahead, and I really need to get down to work. But before I do, I just thought I’d take a few minutes to post something to my blog. But what? Most of the things I have brewing will take Some Time, and Time is what I need to give to my students today, not to my blog.

Then I thought, I know! I’ll post the photos that dear Lynne sent to me in an e-mail– was it?– yesterday! So I went back to gmail and I found the photos, and I saved them to My Pictures. Then I logged on to this page and opened the little photos window and proceeded to browse to find the picture of me and Lynne.

It wasn’t there.

I went back to gmail and saved the photo again (at which time it asked me if I’d like to overwrite with this photo the one I had just saved a few moments before by the same title), and then I tried again to post it to my blog. This will be great, I thought. A photo (a real photo), which excited me because, due to technical difficulties at my house, I haven’t been able to post photos in Forever. And it would be one of Lynne and me, which would make me happy, because she is So Far Away now in China. And it would only take a Few Seconds.

But of course it didn’t work. It wouldn’t work. Apparently it isn’t “configured” properly because it was sent through e-mail or some such nonsense, and so my plans are laid waste.


And this probably doesn’t disappoint Lynne too much, because she doesn’t think it’s such a great picture, anyway. And she’s probably right. It isn’t spectacular of either one of us. But it’s the latest we’ve got, for now.

I’m sorry, O Reader, that you haven’t got it at all.

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