Today, for the first time in months, I could watch the football game on the screen of my neighbor’s television in the house behind ours, the house that, for all the months of summer, is screened from us by leaves.

Today Emma Grace and I went for a bike-ride/walk. She created a basket for her bicycle using a sweet wicker basket I bought at a resale store before she was born. It’s a small, old-fashioned basket with a firm wicker handle. It had been holding doll shoes, but today we dumped them out and carried the basket outside. It was her idea to attach the basket to her handle-bars with pipe-cleaners, and during our walk it carried two packages of peanuts, a water bottle, an apple, and all the leaves we thought were pretty.

Tonight Bill made butternut squash stuffed with apples and sausage for dinner.

And today, while watching the Steelers beat the Chargers on the beautiful (and still new) Heinz Field, I saw that it was snowing in Pittsburgh.


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